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a hybrid role at camp

combo staff

A combo (short for combination) staff member is someone who spends their time split between working with the campers and the operational aspects of camp life. You get the best of both worlds.

The structure of this role can vary by camp, so this is a great question for when you speak to Camp Directors during your interview, to find out more information on the schedule of a combo staff member at their camp.

Although certifications are not required, the ‘behind the scenes’ elements of this role requires experience, skills or willingness to learn in areas such as maintenance, cooking, housekeeping and office administration.

your role

As a combo staff, during your time with the campers you will either teach children of all ages your particular skill/specialty program area as an ‘Activity Specialist’ or become a role model to your group of campers as a ‘General Counsellor’.

As part of your role, you will have to engage the campers in the activity period while keeping them fun and safe. Activities are what makes camp an exciting place for campers.

During your time away from the campers, you will be assisting with the running of the camp. Depending on your skills you may be assisting with meal preparation and meal times, maintaining the camp facilities and grounds or cleaning bunks and laundering clothes.

Combo staff typically do not share cabins with campers, and stay with other counsellors in staff cabins.

the ultimate canadian summer camp experience

enhance your resume

This experience will make your CV stand out by showcasing a diverse range of skills and experiences that are applicable across various professional settings and future roles.

  • Leadership
  • Time management
  • Versatility
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability

make an impact

This dual role allows for a diverse range of responsibilities and provides the chance to make meaningful connections with campers and fellow staff members, creating lasting memories and contributing to a supportive camp community.

why should you work as a combo staff member?

I think camp is a really nice experience as you have the opportunity to meet new people and experience new areas in which you can apply your knowledge, and also to learn new things. In my daily life I do not work in kitchens, but here I am learning lots of new activities and enjoying meeting new friends and just everything that's involved in the camp experience.

Combo Staff